Dexter dares Otis

The Adventures in Crimbley Dell


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Down by the well in Crimbley Dell lives a cheeky dashing Dachshund called Dexter, who along with his woodland pals try and stop naughty Otis the Otter and his rotten pals Stanley Stoat and Wilfy Weasel from taking over Dexter’s Dig! 

Will the dastardly Otter succeed? Or will our heroic Dachshund and his band of faithful woodland pals stop him from taking over their lovely home?  let your pups settle down and watch our enchanting video of our wonderful e-book.

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V Force and the best of British

What-Ho! Welcome to Waddingthorpe's YouTube audio, visual story, let us entertain your young cadets and take them on a flight of fantasy! Tally-Ho! 
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