Winner: Phoebe, aged 10

chard pheobe, aged 10

Congratulations to Phoebe aged 10 who won a framed picture in our colouring in competition at the Historic Helicopters open day. All entries were fantastic and we had a very difficult task of selecting the winner. Well done to everyone who took part and we hope you had fun! Your masterpieces are displayed in the slideshow above. Thank you for all of your support.

'V' Force and the best of British

welcome to waddingthorpe

What-Ho! Squadron Leader ‘Ginger’ Jones here! I’m the Commander here at Waddingthorpe and along with my trusted crew, we make sure that our marvellous, magnificent, mischeivious best of British aircraft stay airborne and out of trouble. You can read all out your favourite plane and meet our dedicated crew on our meet the planes page. All of us here at Waddingthorpe share the same goal and that is to inspire children to engage with the wonders of flight and the engineering that helps achieve it. We also want to educate children on Britain’s rich history of engineering excellence and how they can continue this standard into the 21st century. Thanks to the boffins and skills of the people of Great Britain, this great nation was and still is the centre of excellence for technology and innovation. And of course lets not forget the fantastic aircraft that Britain produced, flew and maintained!

Meet the planes and crew

meet the planes canva

 Find out about our marvellous, magnificent, and mischeivious aircraft who are based here and the dedicated professional crew who help keep them in tip top condition. 



canva v force printables

You can even colour in your favourite planes with our printables! There is even one of me you can colour in, (make sure my uniform is the right colour!)


Tales from the Tower Blog


control tower blog

Don't forget to check our B.O.B Blog "Tales from the tower" You can send us your pictures of your favourite aircraft or stories of your favourite plane and we'll post them on our blog.




canva ace it home

Play our exciting Ace-It! game, with your squadron and be the first to be squadron leader!




codebreakers logo reduced 850x650

Decipher top secret transmissions intercepted by Nige Nimrod. Can you master the morse code? If so go to the code breakers page and print out the secret messages.


v force merch reduced

Visit our merchandise page and order a mug, T-shirt or framed picture of your favourite character at Waddingthorpe Airfield.

Help the H.A.A.F

h.a.a.f poster ginger jones

What-Ho! We need YOU  to help the H.A.A.F! When you buy one of our exclusive H.A.A.F products, Kooky and Kitsch will donate 10% to the Historic Army Aircraft Flight. So can go to our merchandise page and get helping the H.A.A.F. Tally-Ho! 

Meet the planes

h.a.a.f poster

What-Ho! You HAAF to help the H.A.A.F! Meet the cheeky Historic Army Aircraft Flight aircraft who come to visit Waddingthorpe Airfield. You can read all about them in  their biographies, just go to the 'Meet the planes and crew' page. Have fun reading about them! Tally-Ho! 

 Meet the planes