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“What-ho chaps! Squadron Leader ‘Ginger’ Jones here, I’m the commander at Waddingthorpe Airfield and I’m in charge of a fleet of truly magnificent but very mischievous machines led by three famous aircraft called the ‘V’ Force. Vinnie Vulcan, Victor and Val Valiant lead these amazing aircraft from their hanger and my trusty retired Warrant Officer Mr Mick Hannick makes sure that they are kept airworthy with his expert engineering skills! 

Join us on our first adventure as we prepare for our one hundredth anniversary airshow. I need it to be a good show for the crowds of thousands and our V.I.P, none other than Her Majesty the Queen. I hope I can trust them to behave themselves? Find out if the celebration airshow stalls from the start or if it’ll be a high flying success! 


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Welcome to Waddingthorpe


There is lots to do at Waddingthorpe Airfield, just click on the links below to find out about our marvellous, magnificent, and mischeivious aircraft who are based here.

Visit our merchandise page and order a mug, T-shirt or framed picture of your favourite character at Waddingthorpe Airfield.

 Or play our exciting Ace-It! game, with your squadron and be the first to be squadron leader!

You can even colour in your favourite planes with our printables! There is even one of me you can colour in, (make sure my uniform is the right colour!)

Decipher top secret transmissions intercepted by Nige Nimrod. Can you master the morse code? If so go to the code breakers page and print out the secret messages.

Don't forget to check our B.O.B Blog "Tales from the tower" You can send us your pictures of your favourite aircraft or stories of your favourite plane and we'll post them on our blog.

Have fun!


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Meet the planes




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Ace It






Code breakers



What-Ho! Mr Mick Hannick and I are stumped after intercepting TOP SECRET transmissions, we need YOU to become our expert agents at deciphering these somewhat tricky codes! Can you crack the conundrums? Find out by clicking on the morse code button below. Tally-Ho!



Welcome to Waddingthorpe


Visit these wonderful museums to see some of your favourite Waddingthorpe aircraft.

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Museum:                                  http://www.cornwallaviationhc.co.uk

RAF Cosford Museum:                                                                 https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/cosford/

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum:                                      https://www.fleetairarm.com/default.aspx

Midland Air Museum:                                                                   http://www.midlandairmuseum.co.uk

Finest Hour                                                                                       https://www.finesthourexperiences.co.uk/useful-links/                                                               

We'd also like to thank the following companies for their support:

Airfix Model Kits:                                                                             https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/

Bombardier:                                                                                       https://www.bombardier.com/en/home.html