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Waddingthorpe Airshow

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What-Ho! Be amazed and dazzled by the marvellous, magnificent, mischievous machines from Waddingthorpe, as they swoop, loop and marvel the crowds and Her Majesty  the Queen with our celebration airshow! Tally-Ho!! 

Chester Chipmunk

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What-Ho! Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones here! We are welcoming to Waddingthorpe airfield a new arrival,  Chester Chipmunk has just landed and is now a part of our ever growing collection of marvellous, magnificent, mischievous machines known as the 'V' Force and the Best of British! Find out more about Chester on his page in the 'Meet the planes' section of the website. Tally-Ho!

chester chipmunk

Tonka’s FINal Flypast


‘Don’t blink you might miss it!’




So, the flypast of the ‘Mighty FIN’ took place yesterday at RAF Cosford, ah one of my favourite bases to work at and some splendid people to work with.


Thousands of like-minded aircraft fans assembled today to witness the FINal flight of the ‘Tonka’ Tornados! In some forty years of flying and making us proud and protecting our freedom, the Tornado had to say ‘ta-rah’ to all of us and there wasn’t a dry eye in Shifnal and yes, yes I have to say, mine too. 


The chaps and chapesses at Cosford laid on a good show for us all yesterday. There are some amazing exhibitions for all to see from little lads and lasses to us grown ups who are still children at heart; and why not eh! All good fun! My particular favourite is the Cold War Exhibition as my trusty steeds Val, Victor and Vinnie are all there happily ensconced within the fine realms of the museum, reminding us all of the enormity and fabulousness that is at Cosford, the heart of our British engineering and aircraft. 


Anyway, I could get very carried away here and I was and soon it was time to hot foot it to the great outdoors and raise a salute and give the Tonka its well-deserved send off, into the skies.


After we all had tucked into our delicious lunches, we were all feeling content and ready to see the three-ship team come into view and wow us all with their prowess. Although a little quiet, especially for these rumbustious and noisy aircraft, it was almost as if they were sad too and their melancholic manoeuvres wowed, if only for a split second and soon the horizon was part of history itself. 


And so off the three-ship formation did fly, off into the skies and the realms of endless opportunity and imagination for all.




Remembering the B-17 Crew ‘Mi Amigo’




What-Ho! A sad day today as we remember the loss of the B-17 crew ‘Mi Amigo’ 75 years ago. Tony Foulds  who witnessed the disaster has been tending a magnificent memorial to the brave aircrew. All here at Waddingthorpe salute and wish you blue skies and thank Tony for keeping their memories alive. Rest in peace. We dedicate a Flypast and ‘missing man’ from two American F-15 Eagles Eddie and Eleanor based at Lakenhall Airbase. Tally-Ho to you all!




  • Attention all boffins! Waddingthorpe has intercepted top secret coded messages which have stumped both Mick Hannick and myself ‘Ginger’ Jones, we need YOU to decipher these messages. Go to kookyandkitsch.co.uk and click on the code breakers page to begin your mission.

Teignmouth Airshow

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What-Ho! Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones here! Waddingthorpe are pleased and proud to announce that we are helping to raise as much money as possible to fund the fantastic Teignmouth Airshow. So ten percent from ALL our sales from 'V' Force products including the e-book will go to the Teignmouth Airshow fund. The hard working team put on a spectacular show in 2019 and we hope with your generosity and help to be even better this year! So if you want to help the incredible Teignmouth Airshow team, head to our products page or download the e-book from any of the links on the 'V' Force pages. To visit the Teignmouth Airshow official site click on this link https://teignmouthairshow.co.uk Thank you from all of us at Waddingthorpe and the Teignmouth Team. Tally-Ho! 

teignmouth airshow
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