Rubi Rotodyne

rubi, rotodyne

rubi rotodyne bio pic.pngRubi is one smart aircraft! She is so advanced that not even aircraft of today can match her! She really is the Best of British engineering! Rubi can take off and land vertically as well as fly faster, further and carry more than ANY helicopter ever built. Thanks to Rubi's unique tip jets, her rotors start, then she hovers before her wings and propellers power her through the sky. When flying, her tip jets get turned off and her big rotors act like HUGE wings which enable her to carry impressive loads. When Rubi wants to land, she can land like a conventional aeroplane or land like a helicopter by turning on her tip jets and hovering. Rubi is truly an exceptional aircraft. Rubi just gets on with her work with no fuss or bother, nothing is too much trouble and she'll never let you down. Rubi is loved by all the aircraft and crew at Waddingthorpe Airfield, who love her cheeky smile.

rubi rotodyne