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Down by the well in Crimbley Dell, lives a cheeky Dachshund called Dexter. In his 'Dig' at the bottom of Mardenborough Estate, he trades 'valuable' items with his friends. They all have to stay alert though as naughty Otis the Otter and his rotter pals Wilfy Weasel and Stanley Stoat try to take over the 'Dig' and Dexter's domain. Will Otis succeed? Or will Dexter and all his woodland pals be able to stop him? Find out by clicking the button below to download the adventure.

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Meet the animals

Down by the well in Crimbley Dell, meet all your favourite characters from the book, learn about their likes and dislikes, you can even print off a poster of your favourite cheeky character.

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Meet the animals


Deal or no Dell

deal, or, no, dell

Play the game all the animals are talking about in Crimbley Dell. Can you turn all the cards and win to keep Crimbley Dell or will you turn four naughty Otis the Otter cards so that the ginormous Otter will take over?

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Deal or no Dell

deal or no dell

Colour Crimbley Dell

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Print off and colour your favourite characters with our 'Colour in Crimbley Dell' page.

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colour crimbley dell

Whispers from the well Blog

Keep upto date with all the comings and goings on in Crimbley Dell with Dexter's pupdates. You can even send Dexter a message or even Tweet him.

Dexter's pupdates