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What-Ho! Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones here! Waddingthorpe are pleased and proud to announce that we are helping to raise as much money as possible to fund the fantastic Teignmouth Airshow. So ten percent from ALL our sales from 'V' Force products including the e-book will go to the Teignmouth Airshow fund. The hard working team put on a spectacular show in 2019 and we hope with your generosity and help to be even better this year! So if you want to help the incredible Teignmouth Airshow team, head to our products page or download the e-book from any of the links on the 'V' Force pages. To visit the Teignmouth Airshow official site click on this link https://teignmouthairshow.co.uk Thank you from all of us at Waddingthorpe and the Teignmouth Team. Tally-Ho!