About Kooky and Kitsch


Here at Kooky and Kitsch we strive to publish exciting colourful and engaging e-books for children of all ages. Our e-books are informative and full of fun, with heroes and rotters a plenty! The books take children on a journey of excitement and adventure, keeping them entertained for hours. We also want our fans to learn all about the characters that feature in our books, so with free games and activities on our website, your children will have plenty to engage themselves with. 


We have two titles published, with more titles on the way. Our V force series of books starts with the marvellous machines of Waddingthorpe putting on a spectacular airshow. Every aircraft and crew will have their stories told in their own book. The Adventures at Crimbley Dell starts with our daring, dashing, Dexter the Dachshund and his woodland pals trying to stop the dastardly Otis the Otter from taking over their lovely home in Crimbley Dell. Watch out for more titles in this series of books as naughty Otis the Otter tries every which way to turf Dexter out of Crimbley Dell. Where our books are concerned, it’s no wonder ‘imagination comes to life!’