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Kooky and Kitsch are publishers of exciting children’s illustrated e-books. We have two wonderful stories for your children to enjoy, no matter how old they are and lots more titles to come!

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You can even play our games ‘Ace-It’ and ‘Deal or no Dell’

We really hope you enjoy reading our stories, you can also watch our stories on our YouTube channel. 

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v force book title canva

Squadron Leader ‘Ginger’ Jones is the commander at Waddingthorpe Airfield and is in charge of a fleet of truly magnificent, marvellous but very mischievous machines called the ‘V’ Force and the Best of British.

Join them on their first adventure as they prepare for their one hundredth anniversary airshow. It needs to be perfect for the crowds of thousands and the V.I.P, none other than Her Majesty the Queen. Can the mischievous aircraft be trusted to behave themselves? Find out if the celebration airshow stalls from the start or if it is a high flying success! Download our e-book and find out!

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crimbley dell book title canva

Down by the well in Crimbley Dell lives a cheeky dashing Dachshund called Dexter, who along with his woodland pals try and stop naughty Otis the Otter and his rotten pals Stanley Stoat and Wilfy Weasel from taking over Dexter’s Dig!

Will the dastardly Otter succeed? Or will our heroic Dachshund and his band of faithful woodland pals stop him from taking over their lovely home? Download our exciting e-book: ‘The Adventures at Crimbley Dell’ to find out!

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V-force series, has everything for all young budding pilots or ground crew! Take a look at Waddingthorpe's fantastic aircraft and the dedicated crew who look after them!

Code Breakers


Calling all boffins! Do you have what it takes to be a crack codebreaker? Go too our codebreakers page to intercept the latest top secret transmission.



Join us for a cartoon workshop, stomp and draw like a dinosaur! Click below for a roar some time! http://gnashcomics.co.uk/product/kooky-and-kitsch

Crimbley Dell

Dexter Dachshund has plenty of fun activities in his Dig at the bottom of Lord Mardy's garden! Why not pop down for some free, fun activites?


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