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logo.pngKooky and Kitsch is an E-Book publisher of quality illustrated children's books. We also provide quality illustrations and paintings for personal gifts or corporate logo's.

If you have children or grandchildren, why not read them a bedtime story with: ‘The adventures at Crimbley Dell’ where down by the well in Crimbley Dell, lives a cheeky Dachshund called Dexter. Visit him in his Dig in the grounds of Mardenborough Mansion and join him on his adventures with his pals as they stick together to stop naughty Otis the Otter from trying to take over their lovely home. Will Otis succeed, or will Dexter and his woodland pals keep hold of the Dig?  Find out by clicking on the link on the Crimbley Dell page.

Or for a more fast - paced storytime, read the illustrated e-book about the 'V' Force and the Best of British, based at Waddingthorpe Airfield. Squadron Leader 'Ginger' Jones commands a fleet of truly magnificent but mischievous aircraft, which along with his expert engineer, Warrant Officer, Mr Mick Hannick, has to get his aircraft ship-shape and trained for the celebration Waddingthorpe airshow, which will be seen by thousands and Her Majesty the Queen. Will 'Ginger' be able to organise a spectacular airshow or will the show stall from the start? Find out by clicking on the link on the 'V' Force page.

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Visit Waddingthorpe airfield and marvel at the superb aircraft on show. Squadron Leader ‘Ginger’ Jones has his hands full as he and Warrant Officer Mr Mick Hannick try to keep these marvellous, mischievous aircraft under control!


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Down by the well in Crimbley Dell lives a cheeky Dachshund called Dexter and along with his woodland pals they try to stop naughty Otis the Otter from taking over their lovely home! Can Dexter and his band of brave woodland chums foil Otis the Otter's dastardly plans? Or will the devious Otter succeed in taking over Dexter's Dig? Why not take a wander down to the Dell and download this exciting e-book. 

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